Profile - Design Philosophy

Why hire a landscape architect?

We believe we:

  • Save the Owner(s) money with careful, well thought out planning and
  • Design outdoor spaces that are functional and bring life, beauty, a little mystery and joy to the Owner(s)

To accomplish these goals, we think that the best landscape architectural design is like a three legged stool…it must have all three legs in place for the ‘stool’ to stand and be useful.

In the garden, the three ‘legs’ are:

    1) Program (scope of work)
    2) Site (with its limits and constraints)
    3) Budget (established early in the project)

With these three criteria met, a successful garden ensues!!!

Our Design Process

Gathering Information:

  • We begin by establishing with the Owner(s) a Program
  • We research any City or County Codes that may limit our choices
  • We meet with the interested parties (architect, engineer, arborist, etc.) in the very beginning and continue meetings with all throughout the project.
  • A topographical survey is needed to develop drawings that are to scale and accurately represent the site. This tool eliminates guesswork and saves the Owner(s) money in the long term. We do not recommend proceeding with any land disturbance without knowing where everything is located.  Imagine a doctor performing surgery without an x-ray!!

  • From here, we design to the level of services the Owner(s) desire.

We hope you will let us help you create your next outdoor space. Please review our
Services to find the one that meets your needs.

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