Consultations – 2 to 3 hours minimum

This Service is only recommended for projects that need new planting ideas and minimum hardscape elements:

  • Visit site with Owner(s)
  • Discuss your needs and brainstorm solutions
  • Prepare a sketch to illustrate any topics covered and completed at consultation

The fee for this service is charged by the hour, includes travel time, and is due at the end of the consutation.

Conceptual Landscape Plan – 8 to 16 hours minimum

This Service is for projects that include grading, drainage and construction items as well as plantings:

  • Visit site with Owner(s)
  • Discuss your needs and establish a program
  • Prepare a proposal for your approval
  • Order a topographical survey for the site
  • Prepare Conceptual Landscape Plan at 1” = 10’-0” for review and approval.
    This Plan is the first wash of ideas and the first step in the design process. Examples of projects suited for this service include placement of new walls, walks, site structures (garages, arbors, swimming pools, ponds, etc.), correct existing drainage issues, etc.

Preliminary Landscape Plans through Working Drawings –hours to be determined

This service takes the approved Conceptual Landscape Plan and develops the necessary drawings for construction and bidding.

Other services:

  • Master planning – used as a tool for fundraising and phased development
  • City and County permitting plans for tree preservation, erosion control, etc.

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